Caloric Cuvee® was conceived in March 2012 when stay-at-home mom, Laura Daley, decided it was time to get back in shape for the summer. Tired of estimating her nightly wine pour, she asked her friend, etching business owner Aileen Fredericks, to etch a measurement wine glass for personal use. Quickly realizing the global appeal of the helpful glass, the two added a Who Cares® line for non-dieters and launched the company in June 2012.

After just three weeks on a handmade marketplace site the Calorie Counting Wine Glass® was featured on The Today Show as one of Hoda’s Favorite Things.

The business has been crazy ever since.

Our line has expanded to include wine glasses marking Weight Watchers PointsPlus measurements, whimsical Mother’s Helper wine glasses marking the number of children in one’s care and The Solution pints and steins specifically designed for beer drinkers. Our wine glasses are offered in stemmed and stemless versions.

We are based in suburban land of Issaquah, Washington and remain a small, hands-on, family owned business. Our products are hand-etched by enslaved family members, dishwasher-safe, lead-free, and all our materials are made in the U.S.A.